Food Microbiology and its Toxicology

Food toxicology is the study of toxins in the food. That means Food Toxicology deals with the study of substance found in the food that cause adverse effect to the body when it is consumed by the large quantities. Toxins in food may be from natural or it might be a man made that is contaminants while processing the food. Natural toxin present in food by the plant and animals or by the microbes. Natural toxins in plant or animal derived food causes the chronic reaction to the body and food borne diseases. Risk of toxins in the food is carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic etc. Some toxins by the Food Additives, or by the metals.


  • Track 1-1 Microbial Pathogenesis
  • Track 2-2 Risk Assessment and Treatment
  • Track 3-3 Food Borne Diseases and Treatments
  • Track 4-4 Food Poisoning
  • Track 5-5 Food Safety
  • Track 6-6 Types of Toxins
  • Track 7-7 Drug Discovery

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