Chemical Additives of Food

Additives is the substance added to the food to increase the flavour, texture, appearance, taste, nutritional value. These additives are also used to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms and increase the shelf life of food products. Additives are from plants or it may be chemically synthesized. Every additive should have the FDA for their regulated use in their industry. Some of the food we eat are fresh. Nowadays some foods may be processed. These processed foods contain small number of additives. What is the need? The foods are subjected to some severe environmental conditions like temperature, oxidation and microbes. These will change the original consumption of the additives are needed to keep food safe from these conditions. Nowadays some additives create some side effects and health risk to the humans that are chemically synthesized due to the customer prospective like yellow dyes, sulphites etc.

  • Track 1-1 Need for Additives
  • Track 2-2 Health Risk of Additives
  • Track 3-3 Safety Evolution and safety Regulation of Additives
  • Track 4-4 Customer Prospective

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