Food Waste Management, Public Health and Food Safety

Food waste is the food loss or the food uneaten. The objective of food waste is to reduce the food waste system, identify the impacts of food and to recover or recycle the wasted foods. Food safety is the principle that describes the handling, processing and storage of food material to avoid the food borne illness. people should be aware of food standards that provides safety rules and regulations. In food industries there are many rules and regulations for the workers from the hazards. HACCP is the preventive approach from the physical, chemical, biological hazards in production process and it is also used to ensure the food safe.


  • Track 1-1 Recycling method of Food
  • Track 2-2 Technologies and Prevention of Food Waste
  • Track 3-3 Energy Recovery
  • Track 4-4 Public Awareness
  • Track 5-5 Application of HACCP
  • Track 6-6 Food Standards

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